During the research of the Jiaolong Deep Manned Submersible Project, Professor Cui Weicheng, project leader and first deputy chief designer, realized that the research on hadal science in China was almost non-existent due to the lack of deep-sea equipment. Considering hadal science's forefront position in marine science, he was determined to fill the gap and devoted himself to the research of hadal science and technology.

Hadal science is of great importance not only to man's exploration of the ocean sciences but also to global science, playing an important role in ecology, climate change, the exploration for origin of life, and the protection of marine environment among other areas.

Supported by Shanghai Ocean University, Professor Cui Weicheng set up the first Hadal Science and Technology research center in China. The main goal of HAST is to develop new frontier deep-sea technology based on the research of a mobile laboratory, and in doing so, promoting HAST to become a world famous research and design institution within ten years.

In the first stages of these ten years, HAST is centered on the development of the full ocean depth manned submersible together with the related equipment for the hadal trench investigation. HAST has created a mode of combining scientist with entrepreneurs, utilizing national support and private investments to speed up the research and apply the deep-sea technology to industry. Shanghai Rainish Ocean Science and Technology Co., Ltd strives to synchronize technology development and marketization by comprehensive cooperation with the platform established.